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I’ll go on record in this Conan Exiles Derketo guide, that I’m biased here—Derketo is my favorite religion, hands-down, in Conan Exiles. Don’t get me wrong: Set is pretty awesome, and I’m a fan of Zath, but there’s just something uniquely compelling about the game’s sole goddess, the queen of lust and death, that makes her my go-to deity, whether I’m fighting for survival in the Exiled Lands or exploring the Isle of Siptah.

As with every religion in Conan Exiles other than Crom, Derketo’s faith is, mechanically speaking, just a series of purchases and perks. Since this is a survival and base-building game, rather than an RPG, there are no rituals the exile needs to observe and no roleplaying considerations. In short, it’s just a matter of what you pay, and what you get.

Key Details Up Front

Conan Exiles Derketo Guide - Conan Fanatics (3)

The Derketo religion comes with a solid armor set, a very good top-tier weapon, a useful potion, and some so-so utility transmutations (the best of which are slight time-savers and the worst of which are pretty much not worth using).

If you didn’t pick Derketo as your main religion in character creation, it’s a lot easier to learn her faith in the Exiled Lands than on the Isle of Siptah.

Derketo provides the only Avatar in the game with a healing effect, making her stand out in a crowd of gods who only deal damage in various ways when summoned.

Derekto’s faith, like every religion in the game other than Crom, comes with various benefits.


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These are the most basic of Derketo’s perks, which are necessary to gain all the other benefits of the faith.

By unlocking Derketo’s religion (whether in character creation or afterward), an exile automatically gains the ability to craft a Pleasure Place of Derketo (requiring modest amounts of stone, wood, and twine). Perhaps most importantly, this basic altar enables you to acquire Manifestations of Zeal—the “spiritual currency” that fuels the religion’s perks).

At 20th level, the Pleasure Dome of Derketo (built with brick, shaped wood, iron reinforcements, and Manifestations of Zeal) becomes available as for 5 feat points, granting access to deeper mysteries of the faith (which is to say, improved perks).

At 50th level, the exile can—by spending 11 feat points—learn the ability to create the Pleasure Palace of Derketo (using hardened brick, shaped wood, steel reinforcements, and Manifestations of Zeal). This final and greatest altar to Derketo opens the way to the faith’s most potent secrets.

Harvesting Tools

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Once you’ve built a Pleasure Place of Derketo, use it to craft a Derketo’s Kiss, a knife that allows you to harvest Slivers of the Unfulfilled—Derketo’s equivalent of Mitra’s Lingering Essences, or Set’s Human Hearts—from human corpses. (You need Slivers of the Unfulfilled to craft other perk items, which is how you get Manifestations of Zeal, so you want to use your Derketo’s Kiss on every human foe you slay.)

At 60th level, you can upgrade to a Blessed Derketo’s Kiss, which has improved damage and durability, but otherwise works just like the regular Derketo’s Kiss.

Potions and Food

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You only get one of each, but they’re really good ones.

Start using the Pleasure Place to churn out Elixirs of Freedom as soon as you can. The Elixir of Freedom is effectively a much cheaper Golden Lotus potion, each costing only one Sliver of the Unfulfilled and 10 handfuls of insects and producing a single Manifestation of Zeal per elixir as a byproduct, to boot.

With the Pleasure Palace altar, you can craft the potent Feast of Derketo food item (using one each of honeybread, cooked exotic shellfish, and absinthe) at a stove or improved stove.


These are, for the most part, mediocre.

With the Pleasure Place altar, five sand reaper toxin glands or five serpent venom glands (either-or; no mixing and matching) can be used to create one honey, while five vines can be turned into one bread.

With the Pleasure Dome altar, five vines can be turned into one aloe, and 100 handfuls of insects can be transformed into one compost.

These transmutations all require a single Sliver of the Unfulfilled per unit of resource created. Unlike Elixirs of Freedom, though, they don’t net you any Manifestations of Zeal, which means you’re almost certainly better off just acquiring these materials the conventional way.

Armor and Weapons

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The Pleasure Dome altar gets you access to the Derketo Acolyte armor set, all the pieces of which require one light padding and Manifestation of Zeal apiece, as well as varying amounts of silk (between 8 and 23). It’s a solid set, granting a total +15% bonus to Agility weapon damage. While many of the religion’s perks are considered a bit below par, this armor is one of the stronger ones associated with any religion in the game.

The level 60 Blessings of Derketo feat gives you the ability to craft the powerful one-handed starmetal sword, Lusttaker (as well as the upgraded Blessed Derketo’s Kiss).

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Burned Offerings

Just like with all the other religions with benefits, you can sacrifice a religious training item for a different faith (Eye of Set, Precepts of Mitra, etc.) for 20 Manifestations of Zeal, which makes hunting priests a worthwhile endeavor. Jhebbal Sag’s Flesh of Remembrance also yields a single Manifestation of Zeal per unit sacrificed.

This is an excellent option if you don’t feel like learning a given religion (or if you already have and just end up with extra training items for that religion).

Avatar of Derketo

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The ultimate act of worship enables the faithful to call forth an avatar of Derketo, herself, to manifest upon the battlefield. It requires a Pleasure Palace of Derketo altar, an archpriest of the faith, and the True Name of Derketo (crafted with 500 Manifestations of Zeal).

Derketo’s avatar doesn’t do the same massive damage as Yog or Ymir, but she has a unique ability: the power to heal. One of her attacks is a cloud of death that she breathes out onto enemies and structures in front of her, and she follows that up immediately with a breath of healing mist that bolsters and revives allies on the field. (Note that the two breaths happen in that order, and you can’t get one without the other.)

This makes hers the only avatar capable of acting in a direct support capacity.

How to Unlock

As with any other religion in the game, the easiest way to pick up Derketo’s faith is to choose it as your main religion when you’re building your exile in character creation. That gives you access to it right away.

If you ended up choosing some other deity, though, you have a few options:

In the Exiled Lands

If you’re playing in the Exiled Lands, your best bet is to seek out the priestess and religion teacher, Yakira, at the Pagoda of Boundless Lusts, just outside the Forgotten City of Xel-Ha, near the shore in the southeastern quadrant of the map. Of course, you can’t just stroll right in and start chatting with her—Yakira’s fellow Lemurians guard the place, and she’s the only one there who’ll talk to you rather than try to kill you.

Fight your way in, and she’ll induct you into her faith for the price of a conversation. You might need to hold off for a while and focus on gaining some levels before going in, though, as the Lemurians are middling-tier antagonists.

Conan Exiles Derketo Guide - Conan Fanatics (10)

On the Isle of Siptah

On the Isle of Siptah, where there are no religion teachers, you’ll instead need to find a Tablet of Derketo, a relic item dropped by a priest (obviously, you need a priest of Derketo’s faith). These can be found primarily in the southwestern quadrant of the map. They can also spawn randomly in other camps, or you can spin the wheel and try to summon one with a Surge at a Leyshrine.

Either way, it’s a bit more hit-or-miss than your best option in the Exiled Lands, and you may need to hunt around and work at it for a little while.

Either Setting

Conan Exiles Derketo Guide - Conan Fanatics (11)

You can always just sink (a whopping 50!) feat points into opening the Derketo religion line of feats. While this is the most straightforward choice, it’s also the least efficient way of going about it. If you picked some other faith in character creation and don’t want to spend the time and do the legwork, however, this is your only option.

(As a side note, you can also get a Tablet of Derketo as a random drop in the Exiled Lands, as well, but you can only find them at the bonfires in the area immediately around the Pagoda of Boundless lusts, and you might as well just go and talk to Yakira at that point.)


Derketo isn’t the most powerful religion in the game by pretty much any metric you want to apply. Still, it is a fun religion with exciting lore, alluring aesthetics, and some useful mechanics.

If you’re gaming on a roleplay server, especially, she’s probably one of the most compelling deities to worship, as her congregation isn’t one of frothing berserkers, murderous cannibals, or spider-obsessed assassins.

Dedicated power gamers will likely give Derketo a pass, but she’s an excellent choice for almost anyone else.


Question: Where do I find Derketo high priests?

Answer: These top-tier priests are a valuable resource and not easily come by.
In the Exiled Lands, Derketo high priests can only be found in the area around the Pagoda of Boundless Lusts, though they spawn only very rarely. Sometimes, they’ll show up in a Purge, as well, but this is, if anything, an even rarer occurrence.
On the Idle of Siptah, Derketo high priests rarely spawn in the camps in the southwestern quadrant of the island, and—again, even more rarely—show up in a Surge at a Leyshrine.
In short, if you want to snag a top-tier Derketo priest, you’re almost certainly going to need to be patient.

Question: Are there any non-hostile NPC Derketo worshippers other than Yakira?

Answer: Unfortunately, no. Not as yet, anyway.
Who can tell what the future of Conan Exilesholds, but, for the time being, Yakira is the only person you can talk to in the game about the religion (and even then only in the Exiled Lands; you have zero options on the Isle of Siptah), and she’s got a pretty limited set of dialogues.
As with pretty much everything else about the game, the focus is on fighting, building, and surviving, not talking.

Question: What other religions pair well with Derketo?

Answer: Obviously, this is going to be a matter of personal preference and playstyle as much as anything else, but, for my money, I’d say that Set and Zath are your two best bets.
Set’s Snake Arrows allow you to capitalize upon the Agility buff from Derketo Acolyte armor, as does the Snakebite dagger set. The Setite Mask armor item also provides noxious gas and sandstorm protection.
Zath gives you another way of obtaining silk, which you need to make and repair your Derketo Acolyte armor, and having a Globe of Yezud (or a dozen!) in your inventory is a great way of supplementing your damage-dealing abilities with an expendable ally that can be summoned at will.

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