D&D: Acquisitions Incorporated Character Previews (2024)

D&D: Acquisitions Incorporated Character Previews (1)


Acquisitions Incorporated is an upcoming D&D book that introduces a new batch of character options – and today we’ve got a preview of all 8 of them.

Get ready to join the venerable Acquisitions Incorporated adventuring franchise with the upcoming Penny Arcade-helmed, WotC sponsored guide to the whimsical world of Acquisitions Incorporated. Inside the book, you’ll find lore and story information, but you’ll also find a wealth of new spells, magic items, and for curious folks, new Player Options called party roles. These boil down to special powers that you can use once per day to represent your function in an Acquisitions Incorporated franchise. You might be an Occultant, tasked with making sure the party is getting the best luck/destiny/fate it can, or a Documancer, responsible for signing, collating, and filing the various documents you’ll need to sign. Whatever you’re role, today we’ve got a preview of each, along with a sample NPC stat block that shows off the Role’s signature ability.

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Cartographers are responsible for mapping the route the party takes. Once per day, they gain the ability to learn useful shortcuts in an encounter area, which translates to a powerful support ability: you can give each of your allies the ability to either dash as a bonus action, or not provoke opportunity attacks with their normal movement. Here’s Purnagh Grost, a Half-Orc Fighter Cartographer:


Decisionists make decisions, which is useful when you know that you need to forge ahead but the party has been bogged down for hours trying to make a decision. In the game, you get acoin of decisionrythat can help you find the best course of action. And taking that course of action gives each of your allies the ability to add +1d4 to the next ability check, saving throw, or attack roll it makes. Here’s Kelshi Annab, a Human Ranger Decisionist:



Documancersare responsible for signing and filing documents of all kinds. They are masters of paperwork, scrolls, and bureaucracyin triplicate form. Their special role ability allows them to draw out aspell scrollonce per day that can contain any spell that you need (some restrictions apply) and can be clutch in a crucial moment. Here’s Brynshal Flume, a Genasi Sorcerer Documancer:


Hoardsperson are responsible for making sure the party accumulates wealth, items, and other valuable treasure. Their special power ensures they always have That Thing You Need, which translates to any item of up to 15gp from the Equipment section (and this one is 3 times per day). Here’s Two Dry Cloaks, a Tabaxi Rogue Hoardsperson:



Loremongers handle the accumulated lore of the party. Their whisper jars hold secrets, and through arcane means, and they can call upon their encyclopedic knowledge to find a secret weakness to help bring down an enemy, imposing disadvantage on a key attack roll, saving throw, or ability check once per day. Here’s Mabannok Kovri, a Gnome Druid Loremonger

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Obviators deal with obstacles. When obstacles present themselves, Obviators help deal with them. Once per day their ability to Read the Opposition lets them grant advantage to their party in combat for a round. Here’s Lok, a Dwarven Cleric Obviator



Occultants make sure the party’s balance is always favorable when it comes to fate and destiny and luck. They’ll make sure that things always break their way, and even possess some measure of control over Karma. As a reaction, Occultants can inflict advantage or disadvantage on a roll. Demonstrating this is Talanatha Three-Coins, a Tiefling Paladin Occultant.


Secretarians are in charge of introductions and dealing with all the people that the party has to deal with. And thanks to their fine collection of business cards, they can call upon their social graces to becharming if they need to be. Here’s Dunbar of Spreck, an Elf Barbarian Secretarian.

These are all available for download now from Acquisitions Incorporated’s site, or find them all in the upcoming book, due out June 18th.


Happy Adventuring!

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D&D: Acquisitions Incorporated Character Previews (17)

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  • D&D: Acquisitions Incorporated Character Previews (2024)
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