Verizon Fios Problems & How to Fix Them (2024)

Verizon Fios problems can ruin your home life and turn all your favorite devices into paperweights. If you’re having issues with your Verizon cable or Verizon internet service, use this breakdown of common Verizon Fios problems and fixes to get everything working again without a service call.

Fixing common Verizon Fios problems without a service call is key because waiting for an appointment can have dire consequences.

If you work from home, you need working WiFi to reach out to your teammates and plan. Count on spending time at a coffee shop or the library until your WiFi problems are fixed.

After a long day of work, you might want to watch your favorite show. Services like Netflix and Prime Video won’t work without reliable internet access.

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If your smartphone, video game console or television won’t connect to your favorite services, you may have Verizon internet problems. Use these tips to fix these issues and get connected to the internet again.

Is Verizon Fios Down?

If you suddenly lose internet access, use Verizon’s Online Outage Tool to see if there are any network problems in your area.

You can also check DownDetector and see if other Verizon Fios users are having issues.

How to Report a Fios Outage

If you suspect that a network issue is behind your Verizon Fios problems, use Verizon’s Residential Outage Tool to file a report. If you’d rather get someone on the phone to report the outage, contact Verizon.

Be ready to supply your address and personal information. Verizon will want to confirm you are who you say you are.

How to Fix Fios WiFi Not Working

Verizon Fios Wi-Fi stops working if your Verizon Gateway Router isn’t connected correctly or there’s a problem with Verizon’s network. You can’t do anything about Verizon’s network, but you can try to fix the broken gateway router yourself.

Your gateway is the black box that connects to Verizon’s network. It has a Verizon logo and five Ethernet ports on the back. A technician installed the Verizon Gateway Router when they set up your internet access. This small box is what broadcasts your WiFi signal.

To solve these issues, reset your Verizon Gateway Router. Take a thumbtack or safety-pin and insert it into the red reset hole on the back of the gateway. This will restore the gateway back to factory settings.

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Wait for the gateway to restart. Now, try connecting to the Wi-Fi network with your smartphone, tablet or PC again. A tag on the left side of the gateway tells you what your network’s name is and what your password is.

Try browsing to your favorite website. If your gateway is what caused your the issues, the web page should load now.

Contact Verizon to set up an appointment if this doesn’t solve the problem. You could have line issues outside your home that only they can fix.

It’s also possible your smartphone or PC has issues of its own.

How to Fix Fios No Internet Connection

If you get No Internet Connection messages on your smartphone or tablet, but your device is connected to WiFi, you may also have a Verizon Gateway Router issue.

Unplug your Verizon Gateway Router and leave it unplugged for 5 minutes.

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Now, connect the gateway to power again. Wait another 5 minutes for it to start.

Try browsing the internet with your smartphone or tablet using your WiFi.

If you still get the internet connection error on your device, try a reset. To reset your gateway, stick a tack or safety pin into the red hole on the back of your Fios gateway.

Wait for the reset to finish. Then, try browsing the internet on your PC or smartphone.

Verizon Fios Problems & How to Fix Them (3)

You should contact Verizon if neither of these fixes causes the No Internet Connection error messages to disappear. There may be an outage in your area.

How to Fix Slow Fios Internet Speeds

Slow Verizon internet speeds are just as bad as having no connection at all. With slow internet, you can’t stream from Netflix or video chat with friends. Even app updates on your smartphone take longer than they should.

Before you do anything else, check to make sure a download isn’t causing your slow Verizon internet speeds.

Verizon charges for different speeds, and the company’s cheaper plans don’t work well if you are downloading a very large file and have other people streaming from a video service at the same time.

For example, digital PS5 games are huge and take a long time to download. Until a game finishes downloading, web pages will take longer to load on cheaper Verizon’s cheapest plans.

Try to fix slow internet speeds by resetting your router. Stick a pin in the red reset button on the back of your Verizon gateway. Now, wait for the router to restart and try browsing again.

If this hasn’t fixed your slow internet speeds, it’s time to call Verizon.

Open SpeedTest on your PC. Use this site to test your speeds. Write the results down and contact Verizon. They must send someone out to check your lines and equipment if you are getting worse speeds than what you’re paying for.

Verizon may ask you if you’d like to get a faster plan on your call. Don’t commit to paying more for faster internet unless you deal with slow internet problems on a regular basis.

How to Fix Fios Missing Picture Problems

A few things can cause missing picture problems with your Fios TV service. Check for these things before you contact Verizon.

First, make sure that your television is connected to your Fios cable box. Do this by unplugging the HDMI cable from your television and your cable box. Plug the cables into both devices again after 2 minutes.

Next, confirm your television is on the correct input channel. Every HDMI port on your TV has a number and that number tells you what input method you should tune your television to. So, if you see “Input 1” on the HDMI port you are using, use your remote to turn the TV to Input 1.

Finally, unplug your Fios cable box from your wall outlet. Wait five minutes before plugging it back in. This will force the cable box to connect to Verizon’s network again.

If there are any issues with your network, your cable box will tell you what they are. Contact Verizon to confirm there isn’t a widespread outage in your area.

How to Fix Fios On-Demand Problems

Verizon Fios Problems & How to Fix Them (4)

Expect Verizon on-demand problems when your internet isn’t working correctly. That’s because the box relies on the internet to provide TV listings, on-demand movies and messages.

Reset your Fios Gateway router by sticking a pin into the red reset hole on the back. Wait for the box to restart. If internet on your smartphone or tablet works but you still can’t access on-demand content, contact Verizon to troubleshoot your cable box.

Where to Fix Verizon Account Problems

If you have Verizon account issues, it’s best to discuss those issues with someone on the phone. Schedule a phone call with support through Verizon Support. Be ready to verify your identify and explain what your account issue is.

Verizon Fios Problems & How to Fix Them (2024)
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