Tara Perkins Reneau (2024)

1. Former Kennewick teacher and mother of 6 arrested on child rape ...

  • 5 jun 2023 · Tana Perkins Reneau, 51, of Blaine, was arrested by Whatcom County ... It's also unclear when and where the crimes allegedly happened.

  • She taught for 13 years before moving across the state.

2. 'Horrific is a good word for it.' Documents detail alleged abuse by ...

  • 6 jun 2023 · One child was severely beaten and then sexually assaulted by Reneau, the documents state. One child was sexually assaulted as punishment for ...

  • The mother of 6 is a current candidate for the Blaine School Board.

3. Blaine school board candidate arrested on suspicion of child rape

4. Court records show Blaine school board candidate's alleged child abuse

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  • Records filed June 5 in Whatcom County Superior Court provide more detail on a Blaine school board candidate who was arrested on suspicion of child rape, assault and possession of a controlled …

5. Impact, importance high in local school board elections

  • 16 jun 2023 · On June 2, Tara Perkins Reneau — a candidate for Blaine School District director position 2 — was arrested and charged with three counts of ...

  • Do local races risk turning into political referendums instead of reasoned debates over school district functions?

6. Tana Perkins Reneau: Alleged Violations of RCW 42.17A.205 and ...

7. Imprison Police Operator Donna Reneau - Fort Smith, United States

  • Debra Stevens, 47, had been delivering newspapers in the early hours of August 24 in Fort Smith, Arkansas, when she accidentally drove into rising flood ...

  • Imprison Police Operator Donna Reneau

8. Tara Berger, Basketball Player, News, Stats - Eurobasket

  • TARA BERGER basketball profile. Other Teammates, Lihi ... Perkins Reggie, Perkins Sean, Perkins Todd, Permut ... Reneau Lauren, Renz Philippe, Renzi Alessandro ...

  • Get the latest news, stats and more about Tara Berger on Eurobasket

9. Graduates of the M.A.E. Degree Program in Student Affairs in Higher ...

  • ... Reneau (Waggoner) Harris. Pamela (Leonard) Scott. Total: 8. 2000 ... Dennis Perkins. Fall, Heather Byers. Heather ... Tara A. Redmon. Bethany N. Smith. Mary (DeGraw) ...

  • Graduates of the M.A.E. Degree Program in Student Affairs in Higher Education

10. [PDF] Opening Convocation - SMU


11. [DOC] out of state spring 2023 graduates - UCO

  • ... Tara Lyn, BS, Engineering Physics-Physics and BS ... Perkins (Graduate). Longbrake, Dillon Reid, With ... Reneau, Faith Ireland, Summa Cum Laude, BM, Music ...

Tara Perkins Reneau (2024)
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