Atlanta ATL Airport Terminal Map (2024)

Atlanta Airport Terminals

Atlanta Airport serves more than 100 million travelers in a single year which is why it is known as the World’s Busiest Airport. To serve such an influx in a smooth way, the airport is designed in a way that each and every passenger feels convenient to reach their destination on time.

The ATL airport has the largest number of gates for a single airport in the world. Its 7 concourses are equipped with 195 gates with division of gates as follows.

  • Concourse T - 17 Gates
  • Concourse A - 29 Gates
  • Concourse B - 32 Gates
  • Concourse C - 34 Gates
  • Concourse D - 40 Gates
  • Concourse E - 28 Gates
  • Concourse F - 15 Gates

The Plane Train At Atlanta Airport

The Plane Train is an automated people mover which operates underground and transports travelers between the concourses. It operates on two tracks which are placed parallelly to the pedestrian walkway. The 8 stations are situated over the length of 4.5 kms. The Plane Train works 24 hours and 7 days a week.

Atlanta Airport Domestic Terminal

The domestic terminal is situated at the west side of the airport which houses concourse T. Domestic terminal has a beautiful 3 level atrium which is at the center of Terminal South and Terminal North.

The South Terminal operates the Delta airlines which has a prominent presence at the Atlanta Airport as it is the hub of Delta Airlines.

At Level 0, which is the basem*nt area, you will find the Plane Train.

The ground level serves as the baggage claim area.

The ticketing and departures are operated at Level 2.

Concourse T at Domestic Terminal Atlanta Airport

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The concourse T houses gates T1-T15 with T1 to T8 on the right side and T9-T15 on the left side of the terminal.

At the Concourse T you can find lounges to spend your leisure time waiting for your boarding call.

  • United Club - United Airlines
  • Delta Sky Club - Delta Airlines
  • Admirals Club - American Airlines
  • USO Lounge

Atlanta Airport (ATL) International Terminal

ATL Airport’s international terminal is also known as Maynard H. Jackson Jr. International Terminal and it is situated on the east side of the airport. Being the busiest airport in the world, Atlanta airport sees a huge influx of international flights everyday.

Concourse F is at the international terminal and it operates all the international flights. Some of the international flights use Concourse E as well which is to the west side of concourse F.

Concourse F has boarding F1-F14 while Concourse E has E1-E37.

You can take the plane train to travel between the concourses E and F.

Atlanta Airport Concourse F and E Lounges

  • Delta Sky Club - Concourse F & Concourse E

Delta Sky Club is open from 6 AM to 11 PM. You will get facilities like WiFi, Bar, Meals, satellite TV, showers and a beautiful sky deck.

  • The Club - international terminal concourse F

The Club is open from Monday to Friday 6 AM to 10:30 PM. The facilities include a bar, snacks, magazines & newspapers, WiFi, workstations, telephones, television, showers.

A day pass for The Club costs $40 for single entry.

Atlanta Airport Concourses A, B, C, D

  • Concourse A is the next concourse towards the east side of Concourse T on the domestic terminal. You can use the Plane Train or underground pedestrian walkway reach concourse A. Majority of the gates are operated by Delta Airlines. If you go towards concourse A from the domestic terminal side then gates A1-A18 are on the right side and A19-A34 are on the left. Delta Sky Club is available.
  • Concourse B is next in line to concourse A. It has gates B1-B19 on the right side and B19-B36 on the left. Near gate B9, you will see Delta Self Service Center and Delta Ticket Service Center. To cherish the lounge life, you can visit Delta Sky Club or Minute Suites at concourse B. Other than that, there are food and beverage restaurants and retail shops.
  • Concourse is also connected by the Plane Train and it has 1-57 gates. With the shops, restaurants and other services, there is Delta Sky Club at concourse C.
  • The D concourse houses gates D15-D1 and D1A on the right side while going from west to east side of the airport. At the left side of concourse D, there are gates D21-D46. At concourse D you will find a currency exchange center. In the lounges, you will get United Club and Delta Sky Club.

Atlanta Airport Terminals FAQs

  • Which terminal is Delta at Atlanta Airport?

Delta Airlines has their hub at the Atlanta Airport. Delta Airlines occupies the South Terminal in the Domestic Terminal while the North Terminal is for the other airlines. The airport lounge, Delta Sky Club, is open at all the concourses.

  • Can you walk between terminals at Atlanta Airport?

There is a pedestrian walkway which is setup in the basem*nt of the airport. The walk distance between the concourses is covered in around 5 minutes.

  • Which terminal at Atlanta Airport is domestic?

The ATL airport domestic terminal is at the west side of the airport. The domestic section is divided into 2 sections: North Terminal and South Terminal.

  • What does terminal S mean in Atlanta Airport?

The terminal S stands for Terminal South which is a part of the Atlanta Airport domestic terminal. Travelers use Terminal south to perform the check-in or baggage claims.

Atlanta ATL Airport Terminal Map (2024)


How do you get to each terminal at Atlanta airport? ›

The Plane Train:

This underground automated people mover runs 24/7, approximately every two minutes, and connects all concourses with the Domestic and International Terminals. The complete end-to-end journey takes less than 5 minutes, making it an efficient airport transport mode.

What is the difference between north and south terminals at Atlanta airport? ›

Delta Air Lines occupies the South Terminal with its own curbside check-in and baggage claim area. Other domestic airlines, such as Southwest Airlines, United Airlines, Spirit Airlines, Alaska Airlines, and JetBlue Airways, operate out of the North Terminal with a baggage claim area and check-in facilities.

Are all Delta flights in the same terminal in Atlanta? ›

What Terminal is Delta at Atlanta? Delta Airlines generally operates from Terminal S — Domestic (South) and Terminal I — Maynard International Terminal. Terminal S, referred to as the Domestic Terminal, is divided into North and South Terminals.

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