15 Best Waterproof Backpacks for Adventure and Everyday Wear (2024)

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Whether trekking in the woods or through city streets, a practical, well-designed backpack is the perfect accessory for comfortably carrying all your essentials—from a laptop and extra layer to a reusable water bottle and so on. And unless you’re living in a perpetually arid desert, the threat of precipitation is a consideration that should be considered to keep your gear safe and dry.

Enter the following eleven stylish waterproof backpacks. Paired with a suggested use case yet arranged in no particular order, these specially selected designs earned a spot on our list for an ability to blend waterproof function with attractive design. Because you gotta look good, even if no one's there to see you out in the backcountry.

You'll find proper waterproof and lighter-duty water-resistant options when perusing these backpacks built to resist rain, sleet, and even snow. Which one is right for you? Well, it depends on what kind of activities you plan on getting into. Commuters getting around town by train can make do with a water-resistant pack if they’re only exposed to weather across sidewalks and subway stations, whereas a bike rider will want a proper waterproof pack that can handle a prolonged dousing. At the most extreme end, paddlers, rafting folks, and all sorts of water sports fans will want a backpack made with waterproof materials like pvc capable of being fully submerged in water.

15 Best Waterproof Backpacks for Everyday Carry and Adventures Everywhere

Most Travel-Ready Waterproof Backpack: Roark Accomplice Missing Link 42L Bag

When it comes to adventure travel Roark stands out with design-driven product capable of taking you to the ends of the earth in style. This proper waterproof rolltop pack will withstand all Mother Nature may throw at you, no rain cover needed. Details include a sizable 42L main compartment, mesh side pockets, an adjustable chest strap, and breathable shoulder straps. Bonus: It’s TSA compliant as an airline carry-on.

Price: $159


Best Roll Top Backpack for Commuters: Timbuk2 Tuck Laptop Backpack

An OG in the world of bike messenger bags, San Fransisco’s Timbuk2 has been making heavy duty bags for cyclists, commuters, and travelers of all types since 1989. Even with the history, this laptop bag is nothing but modern. Made of 100% recycled nylon and polyester materials, the minimalist pack features an internal laptop pocket, ergonomic shoulder straps, bike light attachment points, and dual side slip pockets for u-lock, umbrella, or slender water bottle.

A water-repellent DWR finish ensures it’s ready for use day in and day out.

Price: $159


Best Roll Top Daypack for Life on the Water: Filson Dry Backpack

Polyurethane-coated nylon may not be the lightest weight fabric, but it's definitely a solid choice for keeping your stuff super dry—and a welcome departure from Seattle's Filson, a brand known best for old-school fabrics like waxed cotton canvas. Perfect for a day out on the river, outdoor activities, travel bag, or just around town when it's raining cats and dogs.

Price: $175


Most Submersible Waterproof Backpack: Yeti Panga

The most waterproof daypacks are essentially dry bags that you can wear, much like this thick TPU pack from Yeti. Built for days on the water, the 28-liter pack features one main compartment with two inner pockets for organization and uses a leakproof zipper to keep 100% of the water out, even if it gets pulled underwater. A padded back panel and shoulder straps make for comfortable carrying, with a sternum and waist strap keeping it stable as your gingerly flick weighted line across streams, rivers, and lakes.

Price: $300


Best Pack for City Cruising: Osprey Transporter Roll Top 25L Backpack

Sleek, waterproof, and lightweight with all the bells and whistles you need to get through the daily grind—including a padded laptop sleeve, adjustable shoulder straps and hi-belt, blinker light attachment loop for commuting, and a tough nylon exterior to stand up to constant use. Plus it looks pretty cool.

Price: $130


Best Waterproof Backpack for Backcountry Exploration: Mystery Ranch High Water Flip

Founded by OG outdoor industry designer Dana Gleason (of 1970s Dana Designs fame), Mystery Ranch makes bombproof backpacks for Navy SEALs, backcountry hikers, and hardcore snow missions. This multi-use fliptop dry pack is made of 840 ballistic nylone TPU coated fabric with water-tight construction and designed for daily use, no matter where you find yourself and what conditions you encounter.

Price: $329


Best Submersible Daypack: Patagonia Guidewater Backpack 29L

The perfect carry-on sized waterproof pack from Patagonia features 29L of storage space, a removable waist belt, a removable storage pocket, and exterior tie-ons for adding even more gear. It’s lightweight, minimalist, and ideal for everything from traveling to commuting.

Price: $299 $149


Best Roll Top Pack for Commuting: Fjallraven Ulvo Rolltop 23L Backpack

Legendary Swedish outdoor brand, Fjällräven, keeps functionality and style in mind with all of their sleek designs. The Ulvö Rolltop, made of recycled ripstop nylon, is as useful for your morning commute as it is for weekend outdoor adventures. The lightweight design shrinks and expands as needed and can carry up to 23 liters of gear.

Price: $135


Best Roll Top Backpack for Fishing: Orvis PRO Waterproof Roll Top Backpack 20L

When it comes to gear for fly fishing, Orvis a name you can trust. Duh. And this Pro status rolltop backpack is fully submersible, made with a TPU coated ballistic nylon material, and comes with a fly rod attachment, breathable mesh shoulder straps (with chest strap), and a large main compartment with 20L of storage. The lightweight design won’t throw off your cast. And the sleek design won’t throw off your style, either.

Price: $179


Best Roll Top Backpack for Bike Commuting: Chrome Urban EX 2.0 Roll Top 30L Backpack

Chrome Industries has long been a favorite among on-the-move city dwellers and it’s no surprise why. With an adjustable size feature, interior sleeve for a laptop, and five different ways to carry it, this backpack lends itself to endless urban adventures.

Price: $140


Best Waterproof Backpack for Camping: Snow Peak 4Way Dry Bag

Field Mag's go-to brand for all things functional and beautiful, Snow Peak, hits a home run with their minimalist dry bag made from TPU polyester. Its main compartment keeps cargo dry with a classic buckle roll-top closure that even features an air valve to press out any unused volume. For easy access, a hidden front pocket provides quick access to smaller items. Wear it as a backpack, shoulder bag, duffel bag, or just grip it by the roll-top handles and carry it tote-style. One bag, four ways!

Price: $310


Best Waterproof Travel Backpack: Rains Trail Rolltop Backpack

Sometimes you need to fly under the radar, and sometimes you need to fly under the radar in some pretty nasty weather—and in an urban environment. This sleek waterproof backpack from Swedish design house Rains is ideal for daily use in town, on the road, in all conditions. The abrasion resistant, PU waterproof fabric exterior and rolltop opening make for a utilitarian combination. An external zippered pocket is great for accessing quick stashed items. (Btw Rains’ waterproof tote bags are really rad, too.)

Price: $155


Best Backpack for Ounce Counting Thru-Hikers: Hyperlite Mountain Gear 2400 Junction

Maine's own Hyperlite Mountain Gear is one of the leading names in ultralight hiking backpacks and the 2400 Junction is the go-to bag here at Field Mag for overnight and section hikes and quick-strike day hikes due to its ample 40-liter capacity and low weight. Dyneema fabric keeps the weather out and weight down (to 854 grams). A bevy of features—like a hip belt with pockets, large exterior mesh pocket, and dual water bottle pockets—keeps loads comfortable and secure on the trail. For a slightly smaller, more handmade hiking backpack, check out Allmansright from NYC.

Price: $320


Best Waterproof Backpack for Water Trips: SeaLine Urban Pack

With a name like SealLine, you know you can count on their rucksack to feature legitimate waterproof qualities. The polyurethane-coated waterproof bag features 26 liters of storage with a laptop compartment and front zippered pocket for easy access to valuables, snacks, or both. While the bag earns marks for its waterproof specs, it also excels in providing high-quality carrying comfort: padded shoulder straps with a sternum strap, stabilizing waist strap, and a back panel that prioritizes comfort as much as airflow.

$209 $178


Best Waterproof Cooler Backpack: Icemule Pro Large 23L

No one likes lugging around a big heavy cooler if they don’t have to. Icemule takes a typical drybag-style backpack and adds insulation, padded shoulder straps, and an air release valve to create a heavy-duty soft cooler ready to portage a day of ice-cold beverages on beach trips, paddle boarding outings, or any activity where cold ones are welcome.

Price: $130


Bonus: The Most Bombproof Waterproof Backpack for Urban Cyclists: Reload Medium Flight Pack

The messenger bag OG’s from Philly sure can build a bombproof pack, like this rolltop backpack made from heavy-duty 1000D Cordura and a liner to provide huge amounts of weatherproof protection. When fully extended, the main compartment swallows 46-liters of cargo with additional storage space provided by a front flap pocket and open side pockets that use mesh bottoms to strain out any collected rain. Adjustable webbing throughout secures shoulder and sternum straps, roll-top straps, and a load stabilizing strap.

Price: $274


15 Best Waterproof Backpacks for Adventure and Everyday Wear (2024)
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