The Day of His Death

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It is said that "faults lie within ourselves and not our stars"

And it is true that man is born with free will to change his fate. However I recall from long ago--the space launches from Cape Canaveral, Florida. Before a launch these science minded scholoras, engineers-and such- checked the scientific data, the hardware, software, every mechanical, electrial detail, every componet.......the weather, objects that may in the path of the launch.....the health, fitness and attitude of the astronauts. But they also consulted an Astrologer and the resident Occultist of the time, Sybil Leek.
Her words still echo in my mind. "We can change some things completely. Other things we can alter to some extent. And there things that are irrevokable."

We are born with a fate-the deck of cards we are dealt at birth (or before)... Our heritige, enviornment, experiences.... We play the cards well, or not so well. We may overcome many things. We are the architects of own fate to a great extent. When we doubt ourselves, we fail. When we believe in ourselves we succeed. We do have to deal with "prevailing conditions" physical, mental and enviornmental.
When we conquer one set obstances we are faced with another. The battle is never over. Obstacles must be faced, conquered...then on to the next "battle"... challenge. And there are no rules to follow, no precedents to rely on, it is all up to you to fight your way thru this "journey of the soul". We must not lose faith in ourselves. Because the battle is always with ourselves.
Stevie Ray Vaughan...did as we all must do journey thru our own soul and overcome the darknesses. Stevie's death, August 27, 1990, just a few moments after midnight in a helicopter crash after being in the air just a few seconds in East Troy, Wisconsin was just a short distance from this destination in Chicago and his new love Janna.

When Stevie played Dallas in June of 1990 he could easily have been electocuted as he was playing in a downpour until the roadies cut the power and made him stop. Dr. John actually witnessed a guitarist killed just this way. The very next month, sound baffles crashed down on his guitars and if he hadn't just left, it would have fallen on him. One month later......... In fact, less than a day before his death, his last concert in Alpine Valley, WI. Stevie had a premonition of death. On the night of 25 August / morning of 26 August 1990, Stevie Ray had what was described as a "horrible" nightmare. He dreamt that he was at his own funeral and saw thousands of mourners (actually there were more than 3,000 people at his funeral). He felt "terrified, yet almost peaceful". SRV shared this story with his bandmates and some trusted crew members. That was the last sleep/dream Stevie had in his physical body, he had less than 20 hours of life left. (Taken from Keri Leigh's "Soul to Soul".)

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There are many ways to look at a person's Horoscope. I will concern myself only with the house of Death which is traditionally the 8th House. Although there were many influences surrounding Stevie at that time, and certainly more can be said astrologicaly than I will go into here.

TRANSITING CHIRON (8th House) opposite Natal Chiron (2nd House)


PROGRESSED CHIRON conj Natal Chiron (2nd House)

Entering Aug 26 1990 Circumstances arise which compel you to delve into earlier life events, particularly those which stand in your current path to successfully expressing your true self. This can be a painful process, but it is one during which you discover something about the purpose and meaning of your life. Chiron is considered an instrument of Healing, but it also a "Trickster" in that it does not follow a set orbit or time schedule.

Chiron Astrology Chiron, in the natal chart, points to the place of our greatest Wounds—the things we feel are the most missing, wrong, unjust, painful or lacking in our lives. In this place, we harbor bottled-up negative emotions, traumatic memories, past life issues and ‘rooms’ within us where we either fear to tread or that we would rather avoid, ignore, condemn or banish altogether. However, hidden within this place of Darkness lie all the balancing sides of the equation—the benefits, blessings, lessons, Gifts and Service of each and every one of our issues. Through the Darkness lies the Light. When we try to avoid the Darkness, the Darkness persists and blocks our way. Inherent within the Wound itself lays the Healing path. As we approach the Wound, so its hidden aspects are illuminated, allowing growth, transformation, Healing and evolution of consciousness. If we understand the principles involved, each person’s Healing path can be clearly seen in the natal chart. Perhaps the most striking symbol of Chiron’s Healing process was presented in the animated film, “The Dark Crystal,” where the dark and light sides of the psyche, represented by different races of creatures, joined into one ‘super-race’ of Light beings via the Healing of a fractured crystal. Of all the psychologists of the last hundred years, perhaps Jung came closest to understanding this principle of rejoining our light and dark sides (individuation). All that remained was to define the exact nature of the light and dark sides of the psyche. Chiron points the way to just such definition.end-quote-

TRANSITING SATURN conj Mars (2nd House): This transit mays have cause Stevie to feel frustrated and even pessimistic. Feeling very energetic and then very unmotivated. Feeling very frustrated about matters of money and possessions.

PROGRESSED NEPTUNE square Jupiter (11th and 8th House): This suggests some confusion about a financial matter, He may have been deceived about an investment or he may have been the one perpurtrating the fraudThe was vulnerability to food posioning, gas fumes, and thinking not too clearly.

PROGRESSED URANUS conj Uranus (8th): There still the concern about money, but also a great sexual energy, a new involvement with someone younger. Stevie may have done some foolish things with his money.

PROGRESSED NEPTUNE square Uranus (11th and 8th Houses) Stevie may have dissagrements with friends and family over religious beliefs cause tensions with same. He may have sought some negitive escapisms.

PROGRESSED URANUS conj Jupiter (8th House): Stevie's outlook on this was basicly opimistic in spite of other tensions.

DIRECTED MOON opposite Uranus (2nd and 8th house) This is a high energy aspect, with some worry about emotional and financial security. Also high emotional and mental strain leading to migraines.

So it would seem Stevie knew he was going to die, He may have made some mistakes with money... and other descions. Some people were in disargement with him over spiritual beliefs, He was in love and was concerned about a secure future.

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