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Lookin' Out the Window contains not only links to various fan sites, but is also an attempt to create an index by subject of some SRV information.

The links in bold were graciously donated to this site by Adrian Gimpel when he closed his site SRV Online. They are transcriptions of print articles, usually complete with graphics, and are well worth checking out.

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Index of SRV Information
Direct links to whatever specific
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Fan Clubs

Tribute Sites
Sites created by fans.

Related Sites
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Album & Other Reviews
USA Today:
Rolling Stone Album Guide excerpt


Before the Flood from Guitar World, September 1983
SRV: The Artistic Afterlife from the Austin Chronicle, by Bill Crawford
Obituary from People Magazine
Resurrection from Guitar World: Guitar Legends, Fall 1992
Stevie Ray Vaughan on Jimi Hendrix from Guitar Player, May 1989
Stevie Ray Vaughan's Guitar Setup; excerpt from a Guitar Player article
Stevie Ray Vaughan: It's Star Time from Guitar World, November 1985 (cover story)


"Remembering Stevie Ray", with Double Trouble: August 27, 1995 (AOL Blues Chat transcript)
with SRV's tech Rene Martinez: July 26, 1995 (AOL Blues Chat transcript)
with SRV's tech Rene Martinez: September 6, 1995 (AOL Blues Chat transcript)
Interviews Videos... Radio
Martha Vaughan's ,Stevie's mother, Letter
Quotes from SRV
Stevie's Letter to Alcoholics Anonyomous -Aquarius Chapter
SRV Estate Inventory from the Austin Chronicle
SRV Grammy Museum GRAMMY Museum To Remember SRV
Grammy Award Highlights:


The Stevie Ray Vaughan Anthology the ultimate Stevie Ray Vaughan interview (30 pages) written by Craig Lee Hopkins (this book is out of print, a few copies are available, I am telling you information on the net is quickly dissappearing, but this book will have it all)

  • memorabilia price guide and collecting tips----
  • interviews with Double Trouble, B.B. King, Doyle Bramhall, Jimmie Vaughan, Kenny Wayne Shepherd, and others----
  • an SRV sightseeing guide----
  • back issues of the Fan Club newsletters----
  • discography listing approximately 600 SRV authorized, unuathorized and import recordings----
  • bibliography listing approximately 300 magazine articles and books about Stevie Ray Vaughan----
  • a listing of Stevie's major awards and achievements----
  • an open letter from Martha Vaughan (Stevie's mother)----
  • the poetry of Joe Cook (Stevie's uncle)----
  • two previously unpublished family photos of Stevie.
  • There is a new book written by Craig Lee Hopkins: Day by Day Night after Night


    The SRV Bookstore offers related books, CDs, and videos
    Little Music Store Store-2 Gear, Instruments, etc
    Annual Rememberance Ride While remembering the life of Stevie Ray Vaughan, enjoy a fun-filled combination motorcycle parade and blues concert, benefiting the Stevie Ray Vaughan Memorial Scholarship Fund!
    The SRV Gig Database, a searchable database of all SRV performances. Many entries include set lists and information on bootleg availability, with links to bootleg CD titles -- phenomenally valuable!
    Commercially released albums and videos, compiled by Craig Keyzer
    Bootleg/import CD guide, a list of all known SRV import CDs with tracks/release information
    Phishook.com, Search this site's database (a huge trader site!)
    Stevie Ray Vaughan Fan Club run by Craig Lee Hopkins
    SRV Tab
    Photos from Photorazzi:


    Hollywood Directory-How To's
    How to be a Rock Star Videos how to do it


  • The Texas Flood mailing list Family oriented site for Blues Fans of all ages to come together and discuss SRV and his music.

  • Join the Stevie Ray Vaughan Group on Facebook


    The Blue Vault/House is Rocking: Midis, MP3, and other sounds....
    Texas Flood Radio
    Guitar Boogie: Videos


    Jimmie Vaughan:... Facebook page
    The Offical Jimmy Vaughan Website
    Tommy Shannon--Facebook page:
    Chris Layton: (not yet up that I know of) just wikipedia Facebook page
    Stevie Ray Vaughan @ Rock N Roll Hall of Fame


    Pride and Joy - The Stevie Ray Vaughan Archive Discography, collector's list, song list, quotes, links to various articles, and SRV fans' comments. Extensive site with images, audio, interviews, import information.
    In Memory of Stevie Ray Vaughan Pictures, links.
    David Tannen's Stevie Site:

    RELATED SITES and other Blues/Rock Artsits:

    The Grandfather of the Blues!!
    Buddy Guy:
    Buddy has won a Grammy for Best Traditional Blues Album!
    Kenny Wayne Shepherd:
    One of the most acclaimed guitarsist of his generation
    Doyle Bramhall
    Torrential Texas blues
    Chris Durate:
    Chris Duarte is booking 2012 Visit the TOUR section for more details
    B B King:
    Long Time Blues Legend
    Just Indigenous:
    Forget Hendrix we have Mato!
    Cajun word for Halfbreed, Native Group (Yaqui and Mexican)remember "Witch Queen of New Orleans"?
    Keith Secola:
    "The human race, is the face of all people, different tongues, one heart"
    Ronnie Baker Brooks:
    Ronnie has jammed on-stage with Stevie and many other Blues Artists
    Marcia Ball:
    The bayou queen of blues and honky-tonk
    Eddie Raven:
    Rock, Country, Cajun and Blues
    Lou Ann Barton:
    Performed with the Fabulous Thunderbirds, Jimmie Vaughan and Stevie Ray Vaughan and Double Trouble.
    Alicia Keys:
    Hip Hop R&B...
    Tori Amos:
    Rocking and Blue
    Tracy Chapman:
    Folk, Blue, Independant
    Billy Holiday:
    A musical legend still popular today, died an untimely death at the age of 44
    Lonnie Mack:
    Founding Father of modern blues-rock
    Recognizes and celebrates artistic achievement
    Achievement Awards for Native Artists:
    Stewart Pittman:
    Photo Jouralist-Lens Slinger/Writer:
    Rory Gallagher:
    Irish Rock Artist
    Ainge Music Factory:
    Songwriter/Musicians and Recording Studio in the UK. Spiritual sounds, very sensual
    Mocambo Blues:
    Blues from the Netherlands. na lange tijd met zn driëen, nu met zn vieren....uitbreiding met Hammond/Piano...
    Wyclef Jean:
    Haitian Hip Hop Artist, Humanitarian Lead Artist of Fugees

    100 Riffs all in one...Chicago Music Exchange
    Elvis on Facebook Dedication to the King of Rock and Roll , Elvis Presely .....
    The Elvis Presley Files FBI files, Nixon, Covert Ops
    GetGeared Gear for Bikers
    We are GhostBikes UK Retailer for Motorcycle & Motocross Helmets, Clothers, Boots, Accessories more
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